The Duo

The Bornagain Hooligans are an acoustic cover duo based out of Portland, OR.  Combining the talents of vocalist & rhythm guitarist Alex Taimanao with the masterful stylings of ukulele instrumentalist Travis Stine, the duo aims to bring a refreshing and creative new feel to some of your favorite songs.  Armed with their vast library of music, the Hooligans play a wide variety of popular tracks from many different genres and across multiple generations of music.  Anything from classic songs by the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Bill Withers, James Taylor, Earth Wind & Fire, Ray Charles, & Michael Jackson to more contemporary hits by Maroon V, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Jason Mraz, Sam Smith, & Kanye West.  The Bornagain Hooligans are bound to have a song for everyone. 


The duo performs at any event or venue with the capacity for live music.  Providing all of the sound equipment necessary to fill your space with music, the Bornagain Hooligans are available to perform at Weddings (both the ceremony & the dinner music), Wineries/Tasting Rooms, Country Clubs, Corporate Events, Restaurants/Pubs, Bars, Coffee Shops, Birthday Parties, Retirement Parties, BBQs, House Shows, Bat Mitzvahs -- you name it!  (Please visit the "Contact" page to inquire about availability and pricing.)

Alex Taimana0

Alex was born on the island of Guam and grew up in Hawai'i (Pukalani, Maui). He then moved to Oregon to attend school.  Alex has been a member of a number of ensembles and bands throughout his musical career -- singing with the Honolulu Boy Choir while living on O'ahu and also with the Pacific University Chamber Singers while attending college in Oregon.  Though he is classically trained vocally and spent a portion of his collegiate career enjoying the study of classical and jazz music, Alex attributes his love for music to early memories of singing along to pop songs with his mother.


Alex picked up the guitar at the age of 16, but it wasn't until college that he began performing.  Starting out playing with friends at jam sessions, Alex went on to performing at open mics and also as a part of the University's Hawai'i Club.  After college, he began to focus on soul, blues, pop, & funk music -- touring  areas of Detroit and Chicago as he played live music with a group of friends.  Alex then spent some time performing as a professional solo guitarist/vocalist on a cruise ship. Performing in New York and Bermuda, before returning to Portland.


Once back in the Northwest, Alex reunited with Travis Stine and their good friend, rapper,  J. Jury and created their Hip Hop/Soul/Funk Band, "Dope Kine."  The 9-piece band frequents downtown Portland as they look to take their unique & upbeat sound all over the Pacific Northwest.


Some of Alex's musical influences include John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Bill Withers, Jack Johnson, Allen Stone, & Maroon V.



Travis Stine

Travis -- born in Portland, OR -- also grew up in Hawai'i (Hanamalu, Kaua'i), before moving back to Oregon to attend college.  Travis began playing the ukulele at the age of 13.  Travis' love of the instrument can be credited to his mother.  After finding her old uke in the garage, she taught him his first chords, and he was instantly hooked.  He recalls spending an entire summer listening to a Ka'au Crater Boys cd over and over again, until he had learned every part of the entire album.



Travis' passion for playing music hit the ground running and has never turned back. After taking a ukulele class in the 8th grade, he continued playing into high school; constantly challenging himself with more and more technically complex songs and arrangements.  Soon after beginning college, Travis met Alex and a group of musicians from Hawai'i and spent countless nights jamming music around campus.  He began performing at the University's Open Mics, and was also featured in a stint with the school's Orchestra.  Travis spent time as the musician's co-chair for the University's Hawai'i Club as well.  Following school, Travis also spent some time in Detroit & Chicago performing with Alex and their friends.  Aside from the duo, Travis also performs in the band "Dope Kine", as well as with local Portland reggae bands, "Rightgeous Living" & "Rootz Knight Productions".


Travis wouldn't categorize his indidual style into any specific genre of music.  Whether it be contemporary or traditional Hawaiian music, reggae, hip hop, funk, blues, jazz, flamenco, metal, blue grass, classical, or even the theme songs from your favorite TV shows & video games, Travis just loves to play fun music.  Some of his musical influences include Troy Fernandez, Imua Garza, Tommy Emmanuel, & Jake Shimabukuro.



Alex & Travis have been playing together for 8 years, and bring over 20 years of musical experience to their duo.  Their affinity for many different types of music and their love of playing, drives them to continuously learn songs, both new and old.  They are two local guys from the islands of Hawai'i looking to bring a fresh, new feel to the music they play, and to provide an enjoyable musical experience to their audience.

In 2015, The Bornagain Hooligans were selected to fly to Puerto Rico and participate in a corporate talent show for Nike, INC.  where they took 2nd place and left the stage to a standing ovation from the crowd. 

"A born-again hooligan only to be king again."  -Wyclef Jean



***A special thank you goes out to Jake Fromer, Ben Pigao, & Kristen Gazmen.  Kickstarting this duo was definitely a much smoother process with all of your talents and efforts in helping us get this off the ground.***